Cardi B World Premieres "Bodak Yellow" Spanish Remix: Audio

cardi b bodak yellow spanish

Cardi B World Premieres "Bodak Yellow" Spanish Remix: Audio

Raptress Cardi B premiered today a Spanish remix to her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” (original version already Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100). Everybody knew this Spanish version was coming after Cardi B played a little bit of it during Manhattan’s Dominican Day Parade 2017 a few days ago. The title of the song remains as “Bodak Yellow” in the newly-released remix, the J White-produced beat is intact, there’s a new verse from Dominican rapper Messiah, and the remix is almost entirely in Spanish, except for a few lyric bits of the original Cardi B decided to keep in English for rhyming reasons it seems.


Will this mean Cardi B has plans to release more Spanish rap music in the future? We hope so! Because her flow is sick in both English and Spanish. She just got to polish her Spanish lyrics a little bit. Because some of the Spanish lyrics in the new “Bodak Yellow” remix are literal translations from the English lyrics of the original and some of them sounded too awkward/made no sense. Also, her Spanish pronunciation needs a little improvement too (we couldn't understand what she said at times). But all of this is easily amendable! Just get a native songwriter or proofreader, and just practice speaking more time in Spanish with a teacher. But anyway, with this flow of hers, Cardi B could rap us the Spanish yellow pages and it would still be okay, she assassins!

By on August 18, 2017
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