Cassie Acts & Models In "Love A Loser" Music Video: Watch

cassie love a loser video
cassie love a loser video youtube

Cassie Acts & Models In "Love A Loser" Music Video: Watch

Cassie just provided her song “Love A Loser” with an official music video. This visual premiered last night on Cassie’s YouTube channel.

For those who live under a rock, Cassie released “Love A Loser” back in August when she announced a new recording deal with Epic Records to dust off her music career.

The “Love A Losermusic video sees Cassie with her boyfriend going through good and bad moments. Some of the scenarios of the video will include Chinatown, a motel, the interior of a car, a steam room, and the desert. Cassie will also use this music video as new material for her modeling book. She slays the fashion in this “Love A Loser” video and there will be scenes where someone will mistake Cassie as actually doing a photoshoot for a magazine.


By on October 11, 2017
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