CNCO & Little Mix Release "Reggaeton Lento" English Remix: Audio

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CNCO & Little Mix Release "Reggaeton Lento" English Remix: Audio

This is so good! CNCO released the brand English remix of their super smash Latin hit “Reggaeton Lento” featuring none other than the British ladies of Little Mix today and this version is hot as hell. It’s so hot that we found it to be hotter than the Justin Bieber remix of “Despacito” after just one listen. BOOM! We said it.

Unlike the “Despacito” remix where they just added a full intro verse from Justin Bieber singing in English and him just singing one chorus in Spanish, and it all felt a little bit "disconnected", CNCO’s “Reggaeton Lento” remix with Little Mix is a full symphony. Most of the lyrics are in English, there are several original lyrics (not just literal translations from the original) which indicates a professional songwriter was involved (good!), CNCO made the right move to keep the most catchy lyrics from the chorus in Spanish, the guys of CNCO and the girls of Little Mix just had fun swapping singing times left and right, which made the remix go to the next level, the Little Mix harmonies were amazing, and overall this is just a great remix. It’s a totally revamped version of “Reggaeton Lento” and we think it’s superior to the original! Now we get the female point of view and it makes the song richer!

PS: PLEASE MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO! And please “Reggaeton Lento” remix, go #1. We have great expectations for you. This could really be the next “Despacito”.


By on August 18, 2017
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