Jessie J Premieres Full Version of "Real Deal": Audio

jessie j real deal

Jessie J Premieres Full Version of "Real Deal": Audio

Jessie J released the full version of her new song “Real Deal” on digital stores today – August 11 - after treating us with a teaser earlier this week.

Real Deal” is song that will be used for a new ad campaign of chocolate candies brand M&Ms. This won’t appear on Jessie J’s much-anticipated upcoming fourth studio album. “First single? Nah... This is me just getting warmed up”, wrote the British singer on Instagram.

Listen to the DJ Camper-produced song in full below:

Loving the R&B vibes this song exudes and WOW at that pre-chorus! That was totally hot (the chorus is just okay, but the pre-chorus is… my GOD!).

Does this mean R&B will be the path Jessie J will choose for her fourth album? What do you think about it if that’s the case in the end? Prefer Jessie J doing pop?

By on August 11, 2017
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