Jessie J Previews New Song "Real Deal": Get That M&M's Check!

jessie j real deal

Jessie J Previews New Song "Real Deal": Get That M&M's Check!

Jessie J just released a 15-second preview of a new song called “Real Deal” online.

The new song will be part of M&M’s new ad campaign (don’t expect this to also appear on Jessie J’s fourth studio album, though – despite Jessie J’s euphoric tweet about “Real Deal”).

More on this campaign below via the official press release:

“M&M’s is using its interactive beatbox platform to offer fans an opportunity to preview a new song from Jessie J.
Fans who visit bitesizebeats.comcan unlock a preview of the singer’s “Real Deal” track by mixing the correct combination of instruments with M&M’s animated “spokescandies” to create their own shareable beat.
Part of the new song will also be featured in two new, 15-second M&M’s commercials, from BBDO New York, debuting on Aug. 7 and 8 on TV, as well as online on the Bite-Size Beats site and YouTube.”

The full version of “Real Deal” will be making its way onto digital platforms this Friday, August 11.

This really can’t be Jessie J’s lead single from her next album. I mean, pairing up your new single with a food ad campaign? And to do it prior the actually release of the single? That would just be too low for Jessie J.

By on August 7, 2017
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