Taylor Swift Premieres New Song "Ready For It": Full Audio

taylor swift ready for it cover

Taylor Swift Premieres New Song "Ready For It": Full Audio


As reported, Taylor Swift's new song "Ready for It" premiered on US radios and was released on digital platforms at 8am today!!! Stream the full track below:


A new Taylor Swift song from her upcoming album “Reputation” has been previewed. Snippets of “Ready for It” have been included on commercials to promote ESPN and ABC shows. In the case of ESPN, to promote their Alabama vs Florida State football game tonight, and in the case of ABC, to promote their fall season premieres.

Are you ready for it? / Baby, let the games begin / I-I-I see how this is gonna go / Touch me and you'll never be alone / I-Island breeze, lights down low / No one has to know”, sings Taylor Swift in the chorus of her catchy new electro-pop sonig. “Ready for It” is so anthemic and it really fit the ESPN commercial like a glove!


We have the feeling this track number 1 on the “Reputation” tracklisting!

By the way, word has it that “Ready for It” will premiere on radios tomorrow, Sunday, September 3, at 8AM!!! Be sure to check Direct Lyrics right when you wake up tomorrow to see if Taylor’s new tune is available in full!

By on September 3, 2017
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