MNEK Premieres "Paradise" Music Video, It's A Visual Masterpiece!

mnek paradise
mnek paradise video

MNEK Premieres "Paradise" Music Video, It's A Visual Masterpiece!

Check out the music video for MNEK’s latest single “Paradise”. The video world premiered earlier on Tuesday via VEVO. The Ultra Naté-sampling fascinating tune is MNEK’s one-off single for the summer of 2017 (but we so pray he’s working on a new EP or something!).

The “Paradise” music video is a socially conscious one. For MNEK will touch in it the police brutality subject.

In a statement he released publicly speaking of his new music video, the British man said:

“The concept of the video is a very beautiful man by the name of Dennis walking this alternate universe a.k.a. Paradise, and it, in its own way, just shows how beautiful things can be, how dark things can be — but how we get to a happy place in the end. I think police brutality is something that shouldn't be a thing. Police are supposed to protect us, and in the majority of cases they do, but unfortunately sometimes they abuse their power. It's a shame it's the world we live in, and it was important to show that in the video.”

This music video is so beautifully done and creative! A true masterpiece. I’m definitely re-watching multiple times!

mnek paradise single
By on August 8, 2017
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